Carbon & Composite Detector Coils

Ultimate in small and large lightweight metal detector coils

Gold found with 25_opt copy

25 oz with a 25″ Coil – see Pics Page for details..

Suit Minelab Detectors for treasure and gold

Our coils use Litz wire. Coil testing gives excellent depth capabilities, all with light weight for size coils.

These coils have a low parasitic capacitance and excellent internal resonance, making them sharp and powerful.  They may require a  new range of settings. They give excellent weight for size. Larger size coils may be more susceptible to EMI than smaller ones.

Detector Coil Sizes and Pricing:

Coil sizes begin at 6″ and go to 30″. Prices below are for round Mono’s and increase at $10.00 per extra inch diameter. Variations of shape are the same pricing, but need to be arranged by special order.

Coils now come with a skid skin fitted over the outer coil circle.

15″ Litz Wire Example/Demo Front and Side View.

All Detector coils are waterproof.

Size     Price                                                  Coil Weight (approx plus skid skin )

6″   -   $260.00                                                  500 g

8″   -   $280.00                                                  530 g

12″   -   $320.00                                                 580 g

15″   -   $350.00                                                 680-780g

20″   -   $400.00                                               780-980 g

25″   -   $450.00                                                900g-1.2 kg

30″  -   $ 500.00                                                950g-1.2kg

Pack Sizes (approx)                                           Pack Weights (approx)     

11″ Coil: 28 X 28 X 6 cm                                        1.5 kg

14″ Coil: 38 X 38 X 6 cm                                        1.8 kg

18″ Coil: 49 X 49 X 6 cm                                        2.0 kg

25″ Coil: 67 X 67 X 6 cm                                         4.0 kg

30″ Coil: 79 X 79 X 6 cm                                         5.0 kg

How to Order:

Phone Chris on 02 69263530, or mobile 0448992033, or send an email using the address on the Contact Page. Provide me with your postcode, location, phone number, and the size detector coil you may want and I can arrange shipping prices and let you know total costs. We prefer Direct Deposit. If this is not suitable, we can send you a PayPal invoice, or some other method. We do not have credit card facilities, but you can use a card in PayPal.

We do not keep all detector coil sizes in stock and there may be up to two weeks before we can have your order ready to go. Also please read the section below on what we do and about the Carbon Coils.


Detector Coils are packed in a flat pack for shipping. Pick up is available in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Shipping world wide is available.

Coils up to 25″ are generally sent by Australia Post. Over that size we quote for shipping using Interparcel (the link below).  You can use the link to check yourself, or contact me and I will arrange a quote for you.

What We Do:

We custom case detector coils in several sizes up to 35″. We can also case a coil winding to any size you have (up to 50″) or want by special order if necessary. The sizes of the detector coils shown above and below are our field testing set. Each coil is individually cased using a combination of carbon fiber and composite materials.

48 inch coil mounted on a Minelab Detector

The windings are made using a combination of materials and wire from  Link Technologies in Melbourne Australia and the USA. Prices above are for this super sharp wire or Litz wire coil winding made into a coil using carbon and composite fiber. Link Technologies also do Detector Mods.  If you want information about Mods, cables, or other technical information you can talk to Peter (Woody) using the Link Technologies link above.

Size comparison of a 36″ uncased coil winding from Link Technologies , with a 17 X 12 and an 18″ coil inside.

Our composite cased detector coils are not factory cased. Each one is handcrafted with techniques which enable us to effectively case these coil windings. Because of this it is important for you to note that there may be imperfections in the appearance of the casing. These are aesthetic only and will not affect the durability and structural strength of the coil. What we do guarantee is that your coil will be tough and durable! They are also waterproof.

The outer coil case consists of approximately 1.2 mm of composite fiber, and the spokes are 15 mm carbon fiber unidirectional/weave cased tubing. The mounting bracket is fully molded carbon fiber and is sized to fit the standard Minelab detector shaft. The detector coil is finished with a final coat of black finish.

We recommend using a Hip Stick with the coils. When you do this you can eliminate almost all stress on your elbow and arm muscles.

If you want to get really serious about giving your metal detector perfect balance you can do what we did with our field testing metal detector. On the detector pictured in the image below, we replaced the entire Minelab shaft and armrest with carbon fiber. The upper shaft was 102 cm long. The armrest was relocated forward of the head so that the head could be moved away from the coil to a position behind the elbow where its weight became a counterbalance and dramatically reduced the leverage required to lift the coil. A smaller, more compact battery was then attached to the detector head with Velcro to make maximum use of all necessary weight for this counterbalance. By doing this the point of balance for the detector was only just in front of the hand grip. Pretty much where the bungy cord is attached in the image below. You can check out carbon fiber upper shafts at Miners Den in South Australia. I think they are perhaps the best value at the moment.